Have you been known to trip over your own two feet? Well you can run out of excuses with these bright green LED shoe laces! 

 Two green LED shoe laces per pack
 Three lighting modes: steady glow,
    slow flash and rapid flash
14 Replaceable Batteries Included!!

$24.99 $12.50

Green Show Strings are clear fiber-optic laces that connect to a small Green LED control box. Simply lace up your shoes with the fiber-optic strings, feed the strings through the holes in the control box, and then insert the ends into the light holes. There are two lace locks on the control box to keep the laces pulled tight, and a simple one-button operation to cycle between the light modes. The fiber-optic laces can be cut using a pair of scissors to adjust the length. Laces arrive with batteries included, PLUS an additional 12 batteries!

Length: 31.5"   
Quantity: 2 Fiber Optic Laces, 2 LED Control Boxes, and 14 Batteries per Order
Color: Green
Light Modes: Steady Glow, Slow Flash, Rapid Flash
Battery: 1 CR2032 Coin Battery per Lace (14 batteries included) 
Battery Run Time: Up to 70 Hours on Slow Flash Mode
Green: Reusable, Replaceable Batteries, Efficient LEDs


Quantity Price per unit
1+ $24.99
3+ $21.99
5+ $18.99
10+ $14.99