Make your friends green with envy when you bust out your tube of all green Show Sticks! CAUTION: If your friend actually turns green, get some water. That is not good.

 100 green 8” glow sticks 
 100 bracelet/necklace connectors
 Soft, thin and super bright




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The original concert-friendly glow stick. Show Sticks are soft, thin glow sticks that can paint the skies or be worn as bracelets and necklaces. Each tube contains 100 green glow sticks and 100 bracelet / necklace connectors. Be Safe. Be Considerate. Don't throw at the stage or directly at another person.

Length: 8'' 
Quantity: 100 Sticks per Tube 
(includes 100 bracelet connectors) 
Color: Green
Glow Time: 5+ Hours 
Shelf Life: 2 Years 
Other: CE Approved, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable
Green: Recyclable Packaging

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6+ $8.99
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