These things may look pointless on their own, and that’s because they are! But when combined with twelve of our 8” Show Sticks, you be ballin’. Yeah, you be ballin’.

 2 Connectors + 12 Sticks = 1 Glow Ball
 10 Glow Ball Connectors per Order
 Show Sticks sold separately

$2.49 $2.12


Glow Ball Connectors are the perfect accessory to your tube of Show Sticks. Each connector set includes two ball connectors. With 12 Show Sticks you can make a Glow Ball, and an extra stick can slide through the center to let you wield your power glow fist! 
Alternatively, 6 sticks and a single connector make a Glow Flower that looks very cute and soars through the air.
Quantity: 10 Connectors per Order
Uses: 12 Show Sticks make a Glow Ball, 6 Show Sticks make a Glow Flower
Green: Reusable
Other: Show Sticks sold separately

10% of every sale donated to The Mockingbird Foundation
Quantity Price per unit
1+ $2.49
5+ $1.99
10+ $1.49